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Buy a classmates account with longevity.


These accounts are registered to iphone user agents, mobile proxies used.


The accounts are auto-registered through programs. These accounts are great for advertising and other work.

With regard to the situation in Russia, many social networks such as faceboo, instagram do not work in the Russian Federation, so many users prefer this social network out of helplessness.

All accounts have an age.

All accounts are verified, profile blank, mobile proxies.



Buy classmates female account with activation by number.


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If you have a non-valid (not working) account after purchasing the account, please contact the site administrator to request a replacement. The contacts of the administrator can be found in the header of the profile and in the contacts section.

The time required to verify the account is 15 minutes. So that you don't get blocked, use proxies.

In order to avoid blocking, use a proxy.

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