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Buy empty female account, 10+ days of longevity. Great for spam and other jobs.

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Product description

Women's vk account with longevity and low price.

Tired of promoting your vkontakte account yourself? Then you can purchase a promoted vkontakte account with a full profile and friends, great longevity.

Telegram is really the place to make big money, investing lots of effort and time. But what to do if you do not have that: your main job or desire to spend free minutes with your family? There is a way out: spend 1-2 hours a day and get a small, but pleasant amount of money that will drip into your card every day.

Chats and bots with tasks

This is an easy job that does not require mental effort. Many people find it relaxing at the end of a hard day, even though it brings in a lot of money at the same time.

Bosts like these can be found on Telegram, or you can buy a cheap account on facebook and find links to these bots there. The essence of earnings is that you have to perform simple tasks that are paid by advertisers. Tasks are not very complicated, often it is monotonous, monotonous actions: switching to another bot or following a link, subscribing to a channel, watching ads or posts, likes, comments, registration. Each service has a different pricing policy, as well as the minimum amount of payment: it varies from 5 to 50 rubles. To work you will only need a phone and from 30 minutes to 1 hour of free time. To scale everything, you will need a large volume of accounts if you want to earn big money for this you will need to buy a telegram account with longevity, buy a Russian telegram account or buy an empty vk account.

First of all, you must clarify where the bots can withdraw money. It is not always the usual bank card, usually electronic systems are used: QIWI, Payeer, etc. Also, some bots have a referral program: by bringing in new active people, the owners pay a percentage of their work.

Freelance Bourses

If you can't devote enough time to freelancing, you can stop at simple orders. For example: writing posts, small articles on familiar topics, creating designs for your Instagram account. It all depends on your own skills and preferences.

This kind of work can bring not only income, but also pleasure. And there's no set schedule: you can't make a reservation today, you can reschedule it and finish it later.

Unique photos

On the Internet there are photo bank sites that host photos taken by real people. They are used by site creators who are trying to fill the service with unique content and elevate the site to the top of the browser. They buy everything: landscapes, still lifes, photos of people.

But you have to remember the privacy policy and the copyright of the "photomodels". So you can't take pictures of people without their consent and put them on public display.

Pictures are sold on special sites, here are a few of them: Etxt, Pressfoto, Depositphotos. Per one frame you get paid from 15 to 30 or more rubles, you can make a bunch of photos during a day and gradually sell them.

You should be prepared for the fact that at the start the photos will go slowly. To increase the likelihood of sales, performers buy promotion (not all services have this feature). With its help, the new account reaches the first lines of the rating and is recommended to customers.

Solving problems, questions, tests

Good knowledge can be a good source of income. Students and schoolchildren often need urgent help with tests or even homework. They turn to experts: they don't waste their own time and get a high quality, complete answer.

The payment depends on the volume, complexity and timing of the work. Technical, mathematical subjects are in demand more than the humanities. Examples of exchanges where students post their requests: All Surrendered, Author24, Knowledge.


You can make money simply by showing your life and current events. The main thing is to make the material interesting, that's why bloggers often create intrigue and "fake scandals".

Blogging can be done in several social networks at once, you need a Vkontakte account, a Telegram account or an Instagram account. So, if a video or profile is seen by a lot of people in one, other social networks will grow in parallel, if you leave links to them. And where do you get so many accounts? To do this, google or yandex and search for "buy autoreg cheap vk, buy tdata telegram account, cheap vk account, buy brut vk female account.

Each company has its own conditions of monetization, so first you need to decide where the blog will be based, thoroughly examine the algorithms of operation and promotion of accounts, understand how to make money here. To promote a telegram account or the account of classmates (profile), in the first stages you can send it to your friends, ask for feedback and distribution from them, organize collab (joint collaboration) with another blogger of similar audience.


The service from Yandex developers helps make money from watching videos and writing reviews of sites and businesses. Usually on Toloka there are similar jobs, but some of them are really weird and high-paying compared to others: to record a real child crying, or to describe the weather outside your window.

Yandex offers multiple ways to withdraw money, and this is a definite plus. But there are 2 prerequisites: work only for adults and training, which tells in detail about the functionality of the service. 20 minutes a day, and 100 rubles will quickly be on the virtual wallet.


This method is more suitable for women and those who are fond of cooking. How is it? You can make money by selling your recipes with lots of pictures of your cooking.

In any case, you have to cook food every day, you just have to capture the cooking steps on your phone and write a recipe, it takes only 20 minutes. It would seem that you can monetize your free work as a housewife!

Advanced sites for selling recipes: webspoon, multivarka-recepti etc. The price per job on the sites varies, but on average it's 30-200 rubles.

Money from games

Attractive players don't even think they can sell what they get or win. For example, many people want a certain character and are willing to pay for it. And video reviews of games on YouTube are gaining crazy views, and the platform gives part of the money to the blogger or take an empty account on facebook and take them to untwist, the same ways you can untwist your classmates account. The main thing is to find a cheap accounts store.

Get money from facebook, telegraph and classmates accounts is possible. If you're not lazy and slowly performing tasks, by the end of the month, you will get a round sum, which can be spent on your needs. No money just happens, and this extra income will be a nice bonus for any of us.

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