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accishop.ru Autoreg accounts Odnoklassniki|Confirmed by SMS. Gender (MIX)| Profile filled out: avatar. Delegation from 10 months

Buy a classmates account sex mix with seniority.

Buy a classmates account cheap with seniority from 10 months.

All accounts are checked and have seniority, avatar, sex mix.

In case the classmates account does not work, write to the site administrator with a request for a replacement. Go to contacts or in the header of the site there are contacts. Make a screenshot of the payment and tell us what the problem is.

The time for verification is 15 minutes.

We suggest to buy 1 or 2 Classmates for the first time.

Then go to the issued profile and see if it fits you and then take the amount you need.

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Buy classmates accounts at low price and longevity you can in our marketplace.

Good luck everyone.

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